EssayOnTime Review

The doesn’t differ a lot from its competitors by its design. I would say that this is an ordinary middle writing service. At the same time they began working in this area in 2002 and for today they already have quite good experience. The first page gives its visitor a lot of information at once. You know at once what they do, how they do it, what discount is available and what your guarantees are. So let’s read the review and make conclusions.

General Impression

The service has quite a good profile in Twitter with almost 500 of the followers. They have even better profile in Facebook. They have more than a 1000 of followers there. They publish useful articles on both of these pages which can be useful for the students. Thus potential clients can find out about special offers, discounts or simply read the articles on education topics. reviewThe number of services “Essay On Time” represents is as follows: essay, research paper, coursework, term paper and more. The service also assists with editing and proofreading.

As for guarantees, the writing service promises confidentiality. Another important question is that if you are not content with the result you can ask for amendments free of charge or claim for money return.

Unfortunately, the writing service doesn’t have a blog or guides which could be interesting for the students. Still it’s good they have a page with samples. I should mention that all the samples have been accompanied by the testimonials. Some of them even mentioned negative marks, which the papers contained before revisions.

The service also has a page of frequently asked questions. In many cases this is quite a comfortable thing. It lets you not contact the customer service without any special requirements.

The only experience I didn’t like is that I had to wait for some time until operators of the customer service would reply to my questions. This waiting always annoys me. Nevertheless, I received all the information I needed.

Price Level

The price of one page starts with $21,99. This is more expensive amount in comparison to other services. The highest price on the contrary turned out to be $48,99, which is lower than other services have.

The discounts vary from 5 to 15% for the loyal clients. In relation to the first order it goes with the discount of 15%. reviews

Trial order

I ordered an essay which was supposed to be written in 6 hours. I wanted to see how the service behaves when they work in tense schedule.  I didn’t expect any extraordinary quality in such a short term but still I hoped for better. I don’t know whether I was so lucky or my writer was appointed so successfully, but he was aware of the topic and wrote an amazing essay even in such a short period. As a result, I was completely impressed by the quality. All the main ideas have been thought over and well-structured in the text. It contained clear introduction, main body and conclusion. I didn’t find any mistakes. I just wonder what I would receive if the service had more time for writing.


The strongest features are as follows:

  1. Excellent writing services, at least in my case.
  2. Samples are available.
  3. Active pages in the social media.

Nevertheless, they have quite weak sides too.  

  1. Not the best design.
  2. Slow replies of the customer service.
  3. There is no blog or other useful information.

First of all, I liked the content this service created for my trial order and I think that this is the most important feature of any writing service. All the rest can be gradually improved. They can start publishing a blog, create other contents for the students and improve design of their website anytime. All this things can be changed. But good writing is the main characteristics for them.