“NinjaEssays” Review

There are no doubts that students no longer can cope with all the assignments they receive, not depending whether they are high school graduates, sophomores, enter a postgraduate program or try to get a scholarship. The number of assignments and difficulty of academic papers are constantly increasing and it becomes really difficult to keep up with all of them.

That is when a professional writing company can be of a great use. Top writers and experts in multiple fields are ready to simplify your life and set you free from tens of complex essays, thesis papers and projects. One of such companies is Ninjaessays.

In this article I will give you all the necessary information on the quality of their services, features they offer and prices they have. Are they really a good and reliable company you can entrust your research or essay to?

About “NinjaEssays”

This company is well known among other writing companies on the global market, which is a big plus. Students from various countries turn to them, knowing about their reputation and experience. However, name is not everything and there are a few flaws I couldn’t leave aside.

Their website looks a bit childish and there are lots of features, which distract attention from the main goal. The color scheme is mismatched and there are many cartoon elements. However, Ninja Essays navigation is great and it is easy to place an order or get necessary information.

Ninjaessays Main Page

How I Made My Order

Writing has always been a difficult task for me, so I started searching for a writing company, which could help. When I turned to ninjas, I decided to explore their services thoroughly to give other students a chance to understand what they can expect.

My experience placing an order was quite controversial. On one hand, the order form is convenient and it is quite simple to fill all the necessary details. However, some of the points are left aside, so I needed to add my recommendations to the comment section.

Students, who don’t want to waste their time, can contact managers directly and ask for assistance with placing an order or essay writing.


Unfortunately, ninjas have high prices, which makes them almost unreachable for regular students. This essay writing service not only has regular prices for a single page but also takes additional fees for extra services and requirements. This means that if you have a dissertation with a specific feature, like plagiarism report, you will need to spend much more money.

However, students can expect a discount up to 15% depending on the quantity of pages they order. Make sure you get familiar with all options to save your money.

Ninjaessays Price Policy


It is a bit uncomfortable that there is no calculator on the website apart from a built-in one, which the system offers, when you complete the order form. Agree, it is quite uncomfortable, because students need to know what the price for their paper will be before providing required details.

Moreover, when you fill in the order form, you need to scroll the page to its bottom in order to see the final price. It seems the company wants to hide their high fees and not to scare users straight away.


It was very disappointing to see that their order menu is far from being called modern. They have drop-down menus, which are really inconvenient. Of course, main functions are still simple to use but the order form greatly complicates the process.

Ninjaessays Order Form


Every college student wants to be sure that his or her payment is safe and personal information is not shared with side companies. That is why the more payment options a company offers, the better it is.

Ninjas offer their customers to use:

  • Master Card;
  • Visa;
  • Discover;
  • American Express.

Unfortunately, they don’t deal with PayPal, which is a great option for those, who want to get their money back in cases of fraud.

Quality of Writing

The main aspect every paper writing services review checks is the quality of a delivered custom paper. Truth to be told, quality of Ninja’s services is quite good but it is far from perfect.

I had some issues with the service, because they failed to write my paper before the end of the term, missing every deadline. This website is probably a good choice for those, who don’t expect cheap papers of outstanding quality.

Guarantees at “NinjaEssays”

Unfortunately, all of the guarantees Ninjas have offered didn’t exist in reality. First, the quality of received paper was far from perfect. Secondly, the price can’t be called low.

However, the received work was really unique and there weren’t any traces of plagiarism. It is very important, because most of the modern companies sell copied works over and over again.

Support Service

As a result of this Ninjaessays review I found out that their managers are really professional and friendly, and can help with any arising issue. However, it took them some time to answer.

Ninjaessays Support Service Response

Service Reputation

It is impossible to say how solid Ninjas are, as there are lots of good and bad reviews. Of course, those, which are placed on the website are positive but still many students claim that Ninjas provide papers of quite a mediocre quality. But then again, they are far from being top essay writing service.

Ninjaessays Testimonials

 “Ninja Essays” Blog

The main thing I like in their website is the fact that they have a blog. It is a place, where you can get useful data, which helps to write all sorts of papers, find credible information and properly format everything.

It is a place, where students can get valuable information for free. You can regularly check their blog to find necessary information on different types of assignments.

Ninjaessays Blog Page

Pros and Cons

There are hundreds of essay writing services online, so the quality of these companies should regularly improve in order to keep up with the market. Unfortunately, Ninjas have more cons than pros.

On one hand, they cover a variety of topics and subjects, offer a citation generator and word count. However, their service is far from perfect, as their website is complicated to master, the quality of papers is mediocre and prices are above average.


This review aimed to help students to make up their mind. Ninjas have a huge potential but I can’t recommend them because of low quality and high prices. They should also work on their website to make it more modern and convenient. Another advice is to replace all the cartoonish elements with simple ones, which won’t distract the user.

I hope that they will improve in future and I will reconsider this in my writing services review.