SmartWritingService Review

My primary impression of the SmartWritingService was not bad. Though I didn’t like that there was too much of the text right on the first page. I understand that it was written for SEO purposes but still I wonder how many people really read it? Anyway it was quite clear at once what they offer. There is a brief line of the main services: original papers, well-experienced writers, delivery in due time and convenient customer support. Let’s see the review in details.

General Impression

This company has a reputation appropriate for simple projects, but I wouldn’t recommend to delegate them any difficult education tasks, such as research papers or thesis. The service is more appropriate for the school level, despite they also suggest writing dissertations.

The company has a really long list of the written papers they can provide. It includes such works as report, essay, coursework, ghostwriting, presentation, speech writing and many others.

As to the guarantees, they assure privacy and revision policies and complete money return. They also promise to do a title page, bibliography and formatting free of charge. I would like to see whether they really do this all.

I would not recommend you to rely on their support service. They don’t work around-the-clock as it is mentioned on the website. Even when I tried to contact them within the working time, I still had no response in due time. They replied with delays and didn’t help me with any of my questions. review

Price Level

If you compare prices of this service with the ones of the other companies, they seem to be acceptable. The minimum price is $10 per page, the maximum is – $48 per page. The shortest period of writing is 8 hours and the longest is a month. Though, each student should check his or her own case as some periods are not valid for Ph.D. or school levels.

If you wait for any discounts for the first orders, forget about them them this time. The service has only permanent discounts you get after you leave there a certain amount of money. 5% is given for $500, 10% is given for $1000 and 15% is given for $2000.

Trial order

I ordered to write an essay. It was not a difficult work, just a small summary of thoughts on a particular topic. Unfortunately, what I received was not the best work at all. I would say that it was something medium, but it wouldn’t impress a college professor. Probably it would be better for a school level, but I paid for a higher one. It was supposed to be suitable for a College Senior. The result would only bring me a middle result. Of course I asked for the revisions. In reply I received a little better writing with better form of formatting and with the mistakes corrected, but it was still far from the appropriate quality. The education level was not revised despite any of my complaints.


Advantages of the service are as follows:

  1. Modest design, though it may be sufficient for this kind of service.
  2. Tempting offers and guarantees, though be careful to trust them.
  3. Reasonable prices in case if the writing is fine.

Disadvantages of the service is as follows:

  1. Extremely low quality of the customer support.
  2. Writers write in middle education level, mistakes and wrong formatting can take place.
  3. Revision policy is far from a professional level.

If I should base on my personal experience, I would not recommend this service for ordering any writing. In accordance with my trial order the price was too high for such poor quality and revision policy didn’t help to correct the essay for a college level. Did you visit Do you have any other impressions about it? Please, write your comments if you have any positive or negative experience.