“Grade Miners” Review

There are many reasons why students decide to turn to an essay writing service: lack of time, lots of assignments, absence of skills or no motivation to cope with the task. They simply don’t know how to find information for research, write a dissertation or create a winning speech. Majority of students simply want to enjoy their free time and attend parties instead of being stuck in the library.

That is why turning to a writing company can be a great solution. This Grademiners review will give you all the necessary information on the company, their services and extras.

This service can be an option; however, they have a lot of issues to take into account. Make yourself cozy and go on reading to learn more!

About “Grade Miners”

They seem to have a strong reputation, which is proven by multiple reviews online. It seems they have many customers but apart from it there are multiple problems they should take into account.

First of all, design of their website is awful: it has poor navigation and the colors are so bright that make you want to leave it immediately. There is also a lot of unnecessary information, which students never read. This means that Grademiners website distracts customers from the main goal of placing an order and greatly influences the result.

Grademiners Home Page

How I Made My Order

It was a horrible experience to place an order at their website. Unfortunately, I almost couldn’t find a positive side in the process and wanted to leave immediately. Here are the main reasons why.


It was very appealing to see that their prices are lower than those of their competitors, which is a big plus, considering that most of the students have quite a limited budget. However, low prices don’t always mean that the paper is good. That is why you need to be very attentive and alerted, when ordering a cheap assignment from Grade Miners. There is no surprise that even your academic work may easily be written by a foreign student instead of a native-speaking professional.

Grademiners Prices


It was a bit inconvenient to use the calculator, as I wanted to know the final cost of my order before filling in the details. Unfortunately, their calculator is built into the order form. Of course, it is not crucial but still makes user feel a bit annoyed, which can greatly influence the overall opinion about the company.

Moreover, they have some extra features for an additional fee, which are written in small letters. You need to check the final price carefully not to let the calculator fool you.


I am very poor at essay writing and regularly order assignments, essays and thesis papers not only for reviews but for my own needs. That is why I have lots of experience and can compare order forms of multiple companies.

Unfortunately, this website probably has the most awful order form I have ever seen. To start with, it is based on a really outdated system and looks as if it has arrived from the past. The form is also very uncomfortable to use, which distracts the customers and makes it difficult to read and understand what the company wants from you.

All the bars look distracting, so it took me twice more time to place an order compared to other companies.

Grademiners Order


There are multiple payment options available on the website, including Master Card and Visa. I didn’t have any difficulties with paying for my order. Luckily, the service is able to provide security of payments, which is protected by several services. Unfortunately, they don’t use PayPal or cryptocurrency, which are a reliable solution for many online users, who want to apply additional measures of protecting their identity.

Quality of Writing

Quality of the custom paper I received was quite decent even considering all the problems I have faced along the way. Of course, there are still lots of things to be improved in the text but this company can be a good solution for students, who don’t have serious requirements and don’t need highest grades.

Guarantees at “Grade Miners”

Most of the essay writing services offer the same guarantees. Miners are not an exception and they offer their customers a full set of regular warranties:

  • Complete confidentiality, including personal information and payment details;
  • Money back guarantee if the customer doesn’t like the result and wants to return money;
  • Editing services, which means that you can order unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the result;
  • Round the clock support without days off;
  • Written-from scratch papers.

I can say that most of the claimed guarantees are true, which is a big bonus for the company and its writers. This also can explain the number of customers they have. However, quality of delivered papers is not as good as they claim. That is why, if you are a postgraduate student or need a serious term paper, which will influence your general grade, I would probably choose another company.

Support Service

I have contacted their managers several times in the process of completion my order but they were not always friendly and supportive. However, there were some managers, who were really helpful and answered me immediately.

I think they have a good potential if they improve the time of response and explain their staff that being friendly and professional is a big plus for company’s reputation.

Grademiners Chat

Service Reputation

My paper writing services reviewrelies not only on my own experience and website quality but also on thoughts and comments of other customers. This makes the review more objective and allows college students to see different sorts of opinions.

Miners have a big amount of feedbacks online, both good and bad ones. Some students are satisfied with the result, while others accuse company in plagiarism and missing the deadlines.

Grademiners Testimonials

Pros and Cons

Benefits of the company include:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • Responsible support team;
  • Variety of payment options.

Drawbacks of the service include:

  • Awful website;
  • Complicated and outdated order form;
  • Low quality of the received paper.


My writing services review aimed to show who Miners are, as it is very important for any student to write a quality assignment and get high grades. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this company to students, because the quality of services was far from perfect. As well as I cannot say that their “top essay writing company” title is deserved.

In addition, their website is really bad, as if it is stuck tens of years in the past. Maybe one day in the future they will deal with all the issues and will be able to compete with more successful market representatives. Then I will surely conduct another review to see whether the company has changed for the better.